Titlewish Library Donation Program

Titlewish Library Book Donation Program


Please support our Elizabeth Shelton School Library! We are working hard to add new  and engaging library books to our collection during this Fall Titlewish time.  This Titlewish will run from January 25th through March 6th, 2023. Our goal is to raise $1,000, and the money will be used to purchase books for our ESS Library Media Center for all students to enjoy!

How Do I  Donate?:

  1. You can simply donate a dollar amount here, and I will select a book:  https://www.titlewish.com/1094913 




You may choose a specific book from our wish list. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the link to see the books we currently would like to purchase for our school library collection http://elizabethshelton.sheltonpublicschools.org/titlewish
  2. Donate the amount indicated for the book(s) that you choose here:  https://www.titlewish.com/1094913 
  3. Email me at kbush@sheltonpublicschools.org with the title of the book(s) you have funded through Titlewish.

Thank you for your support with Titlewish. It is a great way to honor your child and their name will be placed inside the book in honor of your donation!

Mrs. Bush

Library Media Specialist