• Book Fair

    Monday, April 23rd- Friday, April 27th

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Grandparents Day

    Thursday, April 5th

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Kindergarten Parent Orientation Night

    Tuesday, March 27th

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Capstone Mentors Needed for SHS

    Dear Shelton Public School Parent/Guardian:

    Next year, both juniors and seniors at Shelton High School are required to complete a Capstone project designed to prepare them for life-long learning and effective and productive citizenship through the opportunity to plan, complete and present a self-directed culminating project reflecting their personal interest. The Capstone experience requires students to demonstrate the most important components of their learning under the guidance of a mentor from the community. The Capstone Project offers members of the community the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with Shelton High School students.

           The primary responsibilities of a mentor are to:


    ♦ Communicate clearly to the student what his/her role will be, when meetings will occur, and what time and skill limitations are;


    ♦ Assist the student in clarifying his/her goals and objectives and developing a plan that will result in achieving his/her goals; 


    ♦ Be available to answer questions in a non-judgmental manner allowing the student to learn from his/her mistakes;

    ♦ Guide, encourage and oversee the student as he/she completes his/her project;

    ♦ Meet with student at least 15 hours outside of the school day;

    ♦ Help the student evaluate the entire process and the final product;

    ♦ Verify the time spent working with the student throughout the project on the Fieldwork Time Log.

    With over 700 students needing to complete this graduation requirement next year, SHS needs your help.  If you are willing to mentor a student in your field of employment or an area of expertise, please contact a Shelton High School Capstone Committee coordinator.  We appreciate your consideration.


    Dana Jeanette-Kneen

    Lynn M. Coffin

    Shelton High School Capstone Committee Co-Coordinators

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Personality Portraits

    Wednesday March 7th or 21st

    9:30 Murtha

    9:50 Pannella

    10:10 Aylward

    10:30 Cederbaum

    10:50 Wandishion

    11:10 Pollack

    11:30 Quick

    11:50 Testani

    12:10 Gilbert

    12:30 Murphy


    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Principal's Newsletter

    February 2018

    Click link to read

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Literacy Spotlight


    “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

     The Academic Support Center staff is hard at work.  The students are having fun while they learn and practice letter identification, letter sounds, sight words, fluency, and comprehension strategies.  It is with the cooperation and effort of the entire Elizabeth Shelton School community, educators and parents that the students continue to make literacy progress.  The Academic Support Center is a place where learning and progress are celebrated.

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Over the Rainbow Scavenger Event

    Boys bring your VIP Gal!

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Golden Apple Award

    Ms. Murphy is the winner of the Golden Apple Award

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary
  • Mrs. Belden's Back to School Night Powerpoint

    Elizabeth Shelton Elementary


District News

  • featured post

    Grade Reporting Timeline for 2nd Quarter and 2nd Trimester

    Please see attached calendar of the Grade Reporting Timeline for the 2nd Quarter and 2nd Trimester as well as upcoming schedule for Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Shelton Public Schools
  • A Letter to the Community Regarding School Walkouts

    Please view the attached communication from the Superintendent of Schools regarding the planned student walk-out at SHS on Wednesday March, 14, 2018

    Shelton Public Schools
  • Regarding SHS 2018 Graduation:

    We know this is a big change. We understand there is some disappointment, but we are committed to having a well-run, memorable high school graduation ceremony for our hardworking students. However, due to extensive renovations at Finn Stadium, scheduled to begin in May, our graduation ceremony will be held at Nolan Field in Ansonia. The date will be announced, as always, at the April BOE meeting.

    Nothing is ideal about the situation, but this is a better option than doing it indoors.

    The plan is to have the refurbished field ready for September. We ask for your understanding and flexibility. Together we can make this a positive ceremony for the students. That is our goal!

    Chris Clouet

    Shelton Public Schools
  • Flu Information Follow-Up

    Click the link below to access more information on how to prevent getting the flu, and how to talk to your children about the flu.

    Shelton Public Schools
  • Resources for the Greater School Community

    To the greater school community,

    Everyone in the Shelton Public School System family is deeply saddened to hear yet again of a school shooting in our nation. We grieve for those students and teachers who were lost during this senseless tragedy. The Shelton Public School System continues to remain vigilant regarding the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.  We will continue to work closely with our local Police Dept to keep our children safe! Below find information which may help you deal with this topic in your homes. Remember - the school system and our resources are at your disposal.


    Shelton Public Schools
  • SPS Wellness Committee

    The SPS Wellness Committee is in the process of revising the current Wellness Policy and is looking for interested volunteers to join the committee. Parents, students, teachers and interested community members may apply to participate on the committee. To express your interest please email John Niski, Supervisor of Health & Physical Education at Meetings are held periodically throughout the school year.

    Shelton Public Schools

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