Titanic 2021

Titanic 2021

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For your Titanic project there are many useful and fascinating sources to help you with your research below. From the first link of real video of the Titanic's Captain doing a final check before leaving port to facts, interviews with real survivors, scientific analysis of how the ship sank, and more! Enjoy doing your project! Mrs. Bush



Video of Captain doing a final check before leaving port

Key Facts and information has many useful facts on the site (not the worksheets)

Titanic Archive 1957 videos Watch an interview with some of the survivors from the Titanic!

New CGI of how the Titanic sank Watch how scientists figured out how the Titanic sank in this reenactment. They did this to figure out how to make it look real for the movie Titanic.

Five real survivors and their stories  A 3 minute video about different survivors

Titanic 101 National Geographic  Learn about the ship, what safety laws were changed as a result of the disaster, and how the Titanic was searched for and found nearly 75 years later on the bottom of the ocean by Robert Ballard and crew.

Don’t believe everything you read: Newspaper headlines, some true, some not Look closely at the headlines for some of these newspapers and see if they all say the same thing or not

National Geographic Kids: Would You Survive the Titanic?  Just the facts!

Enoch Pratt Free Library  Primary Sources, and links to even more information

They Said It Couldn’t Sink: National Archive: Primary Sources including an itemized list of valuables lost  Check out the list of items lost by one passenger traveling First Class